Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you feel unlucky?

What happens?
Monday, probably at your computer will suffer a blackout caused by malware: 277.000 users have computers that are infected, according to FBI statistics. If you do not act quickly, a quarter of a million people will wake up without access to the Net.

New York - If we no act immediately, within 72 hours one quarter of a million people will wake up without being able to have access to the Internet.
According to "Associated Press" report, the charger and malware DSN in more to 277.000 computers worldwide and about 64.000 of these in the U.S. alone.

In Canada coordinates the initiatives undertaken by the Security Commission of Radio and telecommunications has allowed the number down from 25.000 at an altitude of seven thousand.
A working group has installed a specially created website that allows anyone in the world to check if the virus has taken in the form of malware.

Click on the link below and you appear a page in English.
If the color green then it is not infected but if the color is red...Monday will be without internet connection!

The website is this, CLICK HERE.
For more information SEE HERE.
For more information see the website of the FBI, CLICK HERE.

Good luck!!! <(˘˛˘)>

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