Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flash NEW52 Edition 1/10 PVC Figure

As fan as I am about the world of comics of the DC Universe, this beautiful PVC figures of one of my favorite characters that The Flash could not escape me.
Produced by Kotobukiya, should be put on the market in January 2013.
For those who do not know the character, with a brief description attached great video.

Flash is a comic book character created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert in 1940, published by DC Comics.
It is a superhero with the power to move at incredible speed, defying the laws of physics.
The capacity of the various Flash (there are other Flash) derive from their connection to the Speed-Force, a source of extra-dimensional energy.
This connection allows to Flash the ability to control the kinetic energy.
Flash is able to move at incredible speeds being able to exceed several times the speed of light, when Flash is moving is invisible even to super-fast beings such as Superman.
Besides movement speed Flash also has an amazing speed of thought and reflections of combat highest was able to do an entire fight in a picosecond and perceives the world as if it were stationary.
His speed allows him to walk on water, ceilings or even in the air.
By vibrating the molecules of your body to super-speed, Flash can pass through solid objects or be crossed without consequences.

Amazing...The Flash is a great.

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