Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A look at ResidentEvil.Net (Video Game)

Resident is an interactive website used to collect and compare data taken from Resident Evil 6 gamers across the world.

The features of the website are largely the same as on Halo Waypoint, a Microsoft website and Xbox app tied to the Halo series of video games. Like Waypoint, will feature challenges that need to be undertaken to unlock rewards - an example for Resident Evil 6 would be "kill 10,000 zombies". When these tasks have been completed, rewards will be redeemed in the form of extra gameplay content, such as alternate costumes.

Unique to is the "Champion Belt" feature - the first person to complete the challenge will be named the "winner" and their profile will show the belt-reward as proof of their accomplishment.

You can visit HeRE the site.