Friday, August 24, 2012

SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station (Tecnology)

Comes from Kickstarter, known site on which it is possible to propose and seek funding from technology projects, an interesting way to charge their smartphones and tablets even when you are not at home.
The project in question is a portable solar charger called SunVolt and dedicated to charge mobile devices such as cameras, e-books, tablets and smartphones.
The panels that make up this charger are based on a monocrystalline photovoltaic technology, much more efficient than other panels already on the market, providing a good compromise between size and charging time.

There will be two versions of the product, a 10W and a 15W.
Both versions will be able to recharge multiple devices simultaneously.
The version 10W can recharge up to two devices simultaneously, one from 15W instead can be up to three.
The charger comes with several cables from USB standard to mini and micro USB. Other connections are still available separately.

The project carried out by Don Cayelli on Kickstarter arrived already more than half of the budget set as a goal. There are several bundles of offers to do to win the 10W version requires $85, while the 15W takes $105. There are also international shipping.

You can find SunVolt HeRE!!!


  1. hey the device seems awesome. i am looking forward to know more about it. thanks for the info.

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  2. It 'came the moment in my opinion, we all have to find the courage to abandon the oil and nuclear and focus on alternative energy.
    I'm glad you enjoyed this article.
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