Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bat-Man, The Joker and Poison Ivy (Fan Movies)

I have seen many Fan Movies the past few months, thanks to The fact is I really like.
The passion of the fans sometimes allows to recreate even with lack of financial resources, movies that sometimes disfigure the movie with a budget hundreds of times higher but with directors absolutely incapable of projecting the magic of comics to the big screen.

I will show you two Fan Movies that I found on youtube, dealing with BatMan.
Ok, ok ... BatMan has been treated more than well thanks to the genius of a director like Christopher Nolan, but the films that you will see are worth of being seen and appreciated understanding the limits of the two movies.

BATMAN CITY OF SCARS convince me in several ways, one of them is the same BatMan ... perfect.
The atmosphere, the costume and the environment itself make me go back in the 80's when I began to know the comics of the Dark Knight.

Perhaps the Joker in BATMAN CITY OF SCARS is the sore point of the Fan Movies itself, there is something about him that I do not like at all.
In contrast to the two criminals that Batman will face in the next Fan Movies, Poison Ivy especially, I really like.
Had convinced me to be honest also that of Uma Thurman, but this gives me satisfaction.

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