Monday, August 27, 2012

Hasegawa Ma.K. Falke & WAVE 3Q Ma.K. Kröte

One of my many (too many) hobbies is modeling, are not good at building them, and generally I love to buy action figures of anime already assembled.
I love also the dioramas, I tried a few times to experiment in building them but I never produced anything exceptional.
Some time ago, I started looking for several tutorials on youtube such as those explaining how to make the effect of water in a diorama etc ...
Among the many movies that I found, I was impressed by these two that today enclose with this post.

The ability and talent to build something unique and at the end of the very best at original model, I was really impressed.
The protagonist of these two movies eventually creates something special, I think that experience will be worth much for a collector.
Look at the second movie ... you will be amazed by their skill.
Congratulations again, to the protagonist of two movie.

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