Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WHITE by GUMITIEN production

In the article of today I am particularly happy to present a unique amateur "Anime" makes me proud to be Italian.
In fact, the creator/author is Italian (like me ^^), alone and with much effort has created a super cute mini series of "Anime" titled "White".
Considering that its budget was equal to $0, we have a precious jewel.
The series consists of five episodes (the fifth episode has yet to come out), in short we have a very pretty girl who awakens in a mysterious situation where the only reference around her is an absolute and unlimited white place.
At a certain point we have the entry into the scene a boy who gradually tries to give his explanation of that mysterious place.
He explains that you can create all sorts of things with concentrating, but without exaggerating or you may lose control.
What will happen to discover it following the anime "WHITE", probably in the near future will be subtitled, for those who do not know Italian.

GUMITIEN production from today (with the permission of the author of "WHITE") will be accessible from the blog through a banner which will take you to the YouTube channel to stay always updated on his work and I hope in the future with other anime.

I wish a good job at GUMITIEN production, a big thanks for "WHITE" on my part to Angela Vianello.

Here you can see all four episodes of "WHITE" ... while waiting for the fifth chapter.

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