Monday, August 20, 2012

Dark Resurrection (Fan Film)

Dark Resurrection is an experimental film nonprofit, inspired by Star Wars and split into two volumes, lasting 60 minutes each.
Even though the entire volume 1 has been realized with limited means and a very low budget non-existent (7000 euro of-pocket expenses) the same Lucasfilm watched the trailer called "truly amazing".

Child of the digital technology of our time, and the passion of their project has attracted the attention of the most important Italian magazines (the film is done by Italians). The cast of volume 1, composed mostly by amateurs, there are also several familiar faces, which, attracted by rumors generated by the trailer on the internet, they decided to offer their services for free.

Who is the director of this work amateur?

Angelo Licata, creator of "Guerre Stellari.NET", he wrote, directed and edited the film.
He has also a large part of photography and the visual effects of volume 1, inventing new himself.
He also supervised all stages of post production, including sound and the soundtrack.
This is his first film.

Coming soon.

In Vol 2 understand how Lord Sorran has convinced to be the Chosen One and how it intends to to complete his plan.
Hope, after entering the Temple is able with difficulty to reconstruct the memories of his childhood and discovers the terrible truth.
The Jedi must stop Sorran while is raging battle to the death between the Republic and the Imperial Forces.

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